Lucien Thomkins

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Welcome to lucienthomkins, a community dedicated to the new face from Switzerland. Feel free to join and post info, news, photoshoots, editorial, etc. Lucien stats are: height - 5'11, age - 17, chest 93/36, waist - 74/29, shoe size - 9, hair - dark brown, eyes - blue.

· All entries must be friends only.

· Please keep the conversation related to Lucien.

· Only one picture outside the cut. It must be exactly 300 x 210 pixels. If you cannot reduce the picture, ask the mods and they will do it for you. Additionally, all pictures must have a black border.

· No text outside the cut, unless specifying an editorial's or a campaign's information. The exact format is posted bellow.

· Mood and song being listened are not allowed.

· Promotion is not allowed whatsoever.

· Absolutely no icon posts allowed.

· Please no hotlinking and no removing or breaking of links. To upload pictures use photobucket, imageshack, tinypic, flckr (allows nudity), etc.

· When posting an editorial, please follow this format:

· When posting a campaign, please follow this format:

· Any post that doesn't follow any of the rules will be deleted without notice.

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